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Archive for January, 2007

Fashion Stereo Headset – Nokia HS-31

nokia has-31 image
(credit: mobilecityonline)

This white colored headset good for listening music from your nokia phone’s FM radio or MP3 player and provide handsfree facility. If you were someone like me, who care about style while enjoying the pleassure of music on the move, i think this headset match your ego. The headset comes with a small striped decor near its on and off button, it’s very-very fashionable. You can take this fashionable gadget start from £10.50 at nokia shop and available in black and white.

nokia hs-31 black image

[product info at mobilecityonline | via chipchick]

Zeno – The Medical Gadget For Acne Treatment

Zeno Acne Treatment Gadget Image
(Credit: Zeno)

Do you have problem with acne? Zeno, the acne device available and will help you scientfically. The gadget will fight your spots and make it diseppear in 24 hours. The Zeno team claim that the device clinically proven. You can take this gadget for only £ 129.00.

Zeno Clinical Gadget Picture
(Credit: Zeno)

I think most people agree “if someone care about her styles than she must care about her acne”. And solving acne problem with electronic device giving more value to your fashion.. this is really a smart gadget.

[product info Zeno | via coolest gadget]

Use Your Chellphone to Control Your Diabetes

t+ diabetes cellphone image


Now, people with diabtes can take advantage from this nice service by t+ system. This service available in uk for £10 subscription. As we know, it’s a common to do online task from your mobile phone like emailing, chatting, browsing, take a photograph, etc. but this new task is clever service dedicating to your health which about cheks your diabetes and automatically send the report to the healthcare professionals then email you information the right dosage for your health.

cellphone control diabetes graphic

The t+ diabetes management system include 3 equipment: cellphone, OneTouch® Ultra® meter, and connector.

[product info t+ diabets | via trendhunter]

Use Your Laptop at Home Comfortably

Belkin Laptop Accessories Image

This colorful laptop accessories from belkin comfortable when use at your home, this accessories include 3 items: pocket top (to store your laptop while not in use, use it as workstation, this pocket can hold your laptop accessories like adapter, mouse, etc.), cush top (as padded comfort for longterm use & protect yours goods from a hot laptop), and sleeve top (allow you open your laptop quickly and effectively).

Belkin Trendy Laptop Accessories Picture

I know sometime you feel uncomfortable using your laptop at your bed room, sofa, or in the floor, but this product may solve your problem. Like the other fashionable product, i think design of this product very stylish and high standard.

[product info belkin | via Techie Diva]

Laptop Bag For Woman

Woman Laptop Bag Picture

Hi ladies, do you need a stylish bag for your precious laptop? don`t worry honey, there is a good news for you. Today you can order your stylish bag form bananasoup. You can choose the best match for your daily apparel, whether it’s raspberry or chocolate. Like the other fashionable gadget, this bag completely hide the fact that you bringing your laptop :).

inside the stylish laptop bag image

It’s product succesfully combine style and function, i recommend this stuff to you, woman who cares about technology, style and fashion. The large size price only £169.00 and can hold a 15″ screen notebook.

Red Laptop Bag For Woman Image

[product info bananasoup | via Gadget Candy]

Xplorer Smart GPS Shoes

GTXC GPS Shoes 01 Image
(Credit: GTXC)

As we’re more focus on fashionable gadget, The “Xplorer Smart GPS Shoes“, which equipped with gps transmitter will shock our attention: This Next GTXC product will release February 1st, at the World Shoe Association (WSA) in Las Vegas, which they claim as the next fashionable and wearable electronics that enhance our life style while can help save our live too. This shoes has been incorporated most robust GPS tracking device in the market.

With built-in GPS tracking, the shoe transmit its signal strength over the air, which enables you not only to track your children or loved one, but also track the performance and status of the device. According to Crave this shoes can relay text messages too.
Another style:

GTXC GPS Shoes 02 Image
(Credit: GTXC)

GTXC GPS Shoes 03 Image
(Credit: GTXC)

[press release | via electronista]

Nike + Ipod Fashionable Apparel

A unique patnership between NIKE and Apple last year make our sport activity more fun and enjoyable. In the beginning of this great patnership they introduced sport kit that meassure our sport activity in realtime which the data taken by sensor on NIKE Shoes and send it wirelessly to iPod nano during our practice. This tool act as trainer and keep telling you how fast you’re going and how many calories you’ve burned as you run.

What is my concerned? Are there fashionable way too keep your player when you run out there?

there is good news for you, i found this article that mention us a good Nike’s sassy separates with a built-in pocket for nano. It’s very very fashionable.

[more info | via Gadget Candy]

Lirik Lagu Hari Ini dan Semalam

Hari Ini dan Semalam‘ is just another popular song popularize by 6ixth Sense. Music is just make people like me acknowledge art in different way, and posting popular lyric is my point of interest. What about you guys?. Provided below is the lyric (my/id: lirik) of ‘Hari Ini dan Semalam‘, please enjoy!

Hari ini kau datang riang
Tersenyum buatku senang
Kau hias dirimu
Membuat hati bertambah sayang

Tapi wajahmu semalam muram
Mengapa dewi mengapa
Mungkinkah aku bersalah
Cubalah dewi katakan

Jangan dewi jangan begitu
Senyum-senyumlah selalu
Manis riang
Wajah bertambah jelita